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2022-23 Timeline at a Glance

Mandatory Meeting: March 20, after-school

State Conference: March 22-25

National Conference (Louisville, KY): June 28-July 2

Past Events:

Late Night: February 13

Late Night: January 3

Mentors & Mentees: November 21 – Meeting Slides

Viking Coding Cup: November 18

What is TSA?

TSA (Technology Student Association) is a national organization that helps students become the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math. By competing in a variety of events at regional, state, and national conferences, students have the chance to network with other students, enjoy unique experiences, and develop real-world skills that will be valuable for the future.

" Looking back, my time at Inglemoor TSA was valuable because it offered an opportunity to collaborate with peers on projects that I usually wouldn’t work on, helping me to push my comfort zone each year. I also have a lot of great memories collaborating with friends, especially when we’d meet up outside of school and kick back together. Altogether, TSA was a great way to get more involved at Inglemoor, meet new people, and spend time on cool projects you can be proud of.

It is hard to give one specific favorite memory I had with Inglemoor TSA, since I loved all of the spontaneous moments that appeared throughout the years. It was always a great time seeing and catching up with familiar faces during meetings, conferences, and project sessions in and out of school. It was always cool to see TSA bringing Vikings together!

Minh Allan Dao - Computer Science student at UW

National, State, and Chapter Events

TSA conferences are a staple of the club experience. These field trips are the highlight of the school year and is a way for students to present their hard work. The year starts with the regional conference, where students go through their first round of competition. Then comes the state conference, a 4 day trip to Seattle. For those that qualify at state, students have the chance to end the year by going on a trip by attending the national conference. Over 10,000 students will meet to compete at the highest level of competition.

Inglemoor TSA holds meetings after school online and in person. We use these meetings to give updates to the chapter about upcoming events and competitions. These meetings are also great opportunities to receive feedback and help from other chapter members and officers on their projects.

Inglemoor TSA has hosted workshops where members meet in public workspaces such as the local Kenmore Hangar in order to collaborate on projects. These workshops can last anywhere from an hour to several more and members can come and go as they please. Workshops are an amazing opportunity to test and receive feedback on projects in a much less time-constrained environment than normal meetings. A big highlight was the winter workshop, where members spent the day at the local library preparing for the Winter Regional Conference.

This past year, Inglemoor TSA hosted after school workshops where members could work with other members with their projects, enjoy some snacks, and chat with other members and officers than the usual meetings. This allowed for the chapter to bond and build team spirit in preparation for upcoming competitions!

Competitive Event Clusters

Events in this cluster deal with the creation of software products or programs. This includes events such as Coding, Software Development, and Video Game Design. A variety of languages can be used, depending on the event.

Events in this cluster deal the creation and design of products or concepts. This includes events like Fashion Design and Technology, On Demand Video, Music Production, CAD Architecture, and Architectural Design.

Events in this cluster deal with the creation and design of physical objects.

Events in this cluster deal with communicating ideas and views. This include events like Extemporaneous Speech, Children's Stories, and Essays on Technology.

See the events page for detailed descriptions of every event.

Competitive Success

Over the past few years, Inglemoor has had a very successful track record of success in the state and in the nation. Below is a just a small list of the national success we've had as a chapter.

Video Game Design - 2nd in the Nation

Software Development - 2-time National Finalists

Animatronics - National Finalists

Board Game Design - National Finalists

Children's Stories - National Finalists

Digital Video Production - National Finalists

Contact Information

Advisors (Inglemoor Faculty): Katrina Allemeier, Room 121. Hailey Cottle. David Allemeier.

Advisor Email: kallemeier@nsd.org

Chapter Email: inglemoortsa@gmail.com

Remind: Please text @ihstsa2223 to 81010 to join our Remind

Discord Server: Please click here to join our Discord