Welcome to Inglemoor TSA.

Next Meeting: October 9th, 8:50-9:05 in Room 121

It is not too late to join TSA! Please text @ihstsa1920 to 81010 to join Remind and come by our next club meeting to catch up with the chapter! Please be sure to register (top-right corner) as well, anytime before October 14th.

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What is TSA?

TSA (Technology Student Association) is a national organization that helps cultivate students to be the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math. The goal is to develop real-world skills and create fun experiences that can be valuable for the future.

Who are we?

Inglemoor TSA is the local chapter at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore. Our goal is to provide a friendly community for students interested in STEM to join and become a part of. We also strive to create opportunities for both pre-professional and competitive success

National, State, and Chapter Events

TSA conferences are a staple of the club experience. These field trips are the highlight of the school year and is a way for students to present their hard work. The year starts with the regional conference, where students go through their first round of competition. Then comes the state conference, a 4 day trip to Seattle. For those that qualify at state, students have the chance to end the year by going on a trip by attending the national conference. Over 10,000 students will congregate in Nashville, Tennessee to compete at the highest level of competition.

Inglemoor TSA holds meetings during school and after school. We use these meetings to give updates to the chapter about upcoming events and competitions. These meetings are also great opportunities to receive feedback and help from other chapter members and officers on their projects.

Inglemoor TSA hosts workshops where members meet in a public location in order to collaborate on projects. These workshops can last anywhere from an hour to several more and members can come and go as they please. Workshops are an amazing opportunity to test and receive feedback on projects in a much less time-constrained environment than normal meetings. A big highlight was the winter workshop, where members spent the day at the local library preparing for the Winter Regional Conference.

This past year, Inglemoor TSA help hosted a club social, where members were able to meet in a much more relaxed environment than the usual meetings. The social feature food, games, and time for general socialization between members. This allowed for the chapter to bond and build team spirit in preparation for the upcoming competitions.

Competitive Events

Events in this cluster deal with the creation and editing of videos and music. This include events like Digital Video Production, On Demand Video, and Music Production.

Events in this cluster deal with the creation of objects in software. This include events like 3D Animation, Promotion Design, and Scientific and Technical Visualization.

Events in this cluster deal with the creation of software products or programs with languages like C#, C++ and Java. This include events like Coding, Software Development, and Video Game Design.

Events in this cluster deal with the art of speaking and the presentation of ideas and objects. This include events like Debating Tech Issues, Prepared Presentation, and Technology.

Competitive Success

Over the past few years, Inglemoor has had a very successful track record of success in the state and in the nation. Below is a just a small list of the national successes we've had as a chapter.

Video Game Design - 2nd in the Nation

Software Development - 2-time National Finalists

Digital Video Production - National Finalists

Children's Stories - National Finalists

Board Game Design - National Finalists

2019-2020 Officer Team

Allan Dao


Margaret Guo


Jenny Shyu


Arjun Simha

Promotional Designer

David Zhou

Public Relations Manager

Margaret He

Outreach Manager

Jenny Xiong


Cathy Zhao

Fundraising Coordinator

Aditi Saraf

Membership Coordinator

Julie Aldar